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After Siddharth, Anushka Sharma comes to rescue of Chennai flood victims


After Siddharth, Anushka Sharma comes to rescue of Chennai flood victims.

New Delhi | Red Newswire | By IndiaTvNews | Dec 7, 2015 06:03 PM IST.

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who faced several hot-shots on social media in the recent past for allegedly being ‘unlucky’ for Indian cricket team, has used social media as a medium to make a difference.

As Chennai is hit by the destructive floods and millions of people are affected, the lady is reacting out to people in need, through her Twitter account.

The gorgeous actress has been constantly tweeting about the Chennai floods. From sharing helpline numbers to contacts of people offering food and accommodation to help for missing persons, she has reteweeted everything to her followers.

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While other celebrities use social media for self promotion, Anushka Sharma is making the right use of her mass appeal by posting about the natural disaster.

 Apart from her, actor Siddharth, who is known to many for his role in Rang De Basanti, is using his stardom to help Chennai flood victims in every way he can. He and actor/radio jockey R Balaji, are constantly tweeting updates about the flood from December 1.

Coming back to Anushka, it is not the first time that she is posting about social issues. She also participated actively in animal-friendly Diwali campaign this year and spread awareness regarding keeping the beaches clean.

Well! When India lost matches, everyone pointed out finger at Anushka Sharma and disgraced her without any fault of hers. And now when she taking the right steps at this crucial time, she certainly deserves some appreciation and claps from people.


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