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Ad1 red newswireRed Newswire gets enough traffic, with visitors from India, US, UK, Middle East & other countries. It receives a daily count of 20,000+ visitors on an average and usually more.

How advertising with us is the best choice ?

With 90-97.23% traffic from Indian readers on a regular basis, Red Newswire serves as the best platform to advertise your business with it. We see the major traffic from startups & budding entrepreneurs who are often looking to engage with others for products, services and partnerships.

Many Startups advertising with us have benefited in huge, and have been our regular clients.

Well, the best thing about advertising with us is the youth traffic, interested buyers, like-minded entrepreneurs & of course the pricing that we offer. It just starts @Rs.499+ S.Tax at 14.5% for a month.

Ad Types & Pricing

1. Post Integrated Ads

Your Ad(Text/Image) will be inserted with one post per day for the term of contract with us. The post with your Ad will be distributed to multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, & the post makes rounds to give you business.

Pricing: (Rs.499 + S.Tax ) / month only.


2. Sidebar Ads

Your Ad(Text/Image) will be inserted into sidebar of multiple pages on our site & shall be displayed for the term of contract with us. Most of the visitors landing on our site, browsing various pages & posts will be able to see your Ad.

This Ad type gives your Ad more visibility, as the Ad shows in the sidebar of multiple pages.

Pricing: (Rs.999 + S.Tax) / month only.


3. Header Ads

Your Ad(Text/Image) will be inserted into the header section of Red Newswire website (on the top) for the term of contract with us. Almost all the visitors landing on the site will be able to see your Ad.

This Ad type gives you the maximum visibility & hence promotes your business the best way.

Pricing: (Rs.9999 + S. Tax) / week only.


4. Viral Ad – Spread it everywhere

This Ad type includes following:-

  • Inclusion of your Ad with 5 posts per day
  • Inclusion of your Ad in sidebars of top trending 5 pages
  • Inclusion of your Ad into Header of the site

Pricing: (Rs.2,499 + S. Tax) / Day only.


Minimum Ad Term

The minimum term for advertisement is 30 days for the prices mentioned per Ad type above. For As Types namely “Header Ads” & “Viral Ads”, the payments can be made on weekly basis.

The pricing indicated above is for one Ad only. No variations or alterations are allowed. For another ad image, you need to order separately.


How it works !

You can contact us through our website by filling the contact form here or you may mail us to advertise[at] When contacting for Ads, Please mention the Ad Types you’re interested in.

To advertise with us, you’ll need to send us your Ad Images for display in following sizes(pixels only):-

  • Header – 100×45, 200×45, 700×45, 950×45
  • Sidebar – 250×250, 300×250, 275×450, 275×700
  • Posts / Pages – 100×45 through 275×700

Ordering Ad Payments

You can place an order for advertising with us by writing to advertise[at] . All payments for advertisements are to be made online, 100% advance payments. Kindly note that your Ads for the ordered Ad Type shall be displayed only for the term the total payment has been received. One week before expiry of your Ad campaign with us, our support team will intimate you through email or phone.

Click on the Ad Type below to order now while you’re re-directed to the payment gateway:-

  1. Post Integrated Ads
  2. Sidebar Ads
  3. Header Ads
  4. Viral Ad