Akash Bharadwaj’s Khaas is providing jobs to acid attack survivors


This travel agency provides employment oppurtunities to women who are survivors of acid attack or are visually impaired

New Delhi-Nov 19, 2016. Rednewswire/-

It is unfortunate that even today acid attack survivors and people with disabilities are struggling to make a living. They are often denied jobs and are considered unproductive but this man has beat all odds and is dedicated towards making the lives of such people better.

Akash Bharadwaj’s travel agency named Khaas meaning special is proving jobs to women who are survivors of acid attacks or are visually disabled. The organisation, founded in 2012, is solely run by victims of acid attack and blind women. They handle everything from fixing appointments, preparing presentations, managing deals and even go on on official trips.

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This brilliant idea struck Akash when one fine day he was out for shopping and encountered a woman selling balloons. The woman was almost blind and her face was covered with scars. She told Akash about how she was removed from her job after being acid-attacked. He was deeply touched by her story and soon quit his job to form the organisation Khaas.

The travel agency currently operates in Delhi but is planning to expand it services to other cities too. Akash, the 31 YO entrepreneur has also formed Khaas Uphaar, a gift courier company also fully tun by visually disabled women. He has also launched JAWS (Job Access With Speech) which enables these women to operated computers allowing them to read the computer screen through text-to-speech facility.

The organisation is looking for educational institutions to connect with them for organizing school and college trips, adventure camps, special interest programs and other related activities. Besides, the agency also arranges honeymoon packages, family tours, pilgrims etc.

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