A 3-4 hours old baby girl found lying in Garbage truck in Mysuru. What a shame on Humanity!


Baby Found by two cleaning staffs in a garbage collecting vehicle

The two cleaning staffs  Sarvana & Nagraju who were on their daily routine trip, on Monday morning found a  plastic bag while segregating the waste. Tha bag was first noticed by Nagaraju.

Nagaraju was curious and he opened the bag to know what is inside, he found a new born baby girl  who was crying with pain as she was injured.

Both the cleaners immediately decided to inform the health inspector & also went to the nearest police station.

The baby was taken to Cheluvamba hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

cheluvamba hospital

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According to Doctors, the baby may have been around 3-4 hours old, the baby weighs 2.2 Kg and she is being given antibiotics and there are signs of improvement said – Doctor Radhamani, Superintendent, Cheluvamba Hospital.

The garbage collectors believe that someone might have thrown the baby into the vehicle while they  had stopped for tea.

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