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$7.6 million? Oops, that’s a big fine for Uber


$7.6 million? Oops, that’s a big fine for Uber

California | Red Newswire | Jan 15, 2016 Last Updated at 6:00 PM IST.

Uber has been slammed with $7.6 million fine by the California Public Utilities Commission for its failure to report to the agency timely. Uber has been granted 30 days to pay the penalty, otherwise the things can get serious and its California license will be suspended. As if this wasn’t enough, CPUC imposed additional $1000 fine and held Uber in contempt.

CPUC said that the company has been fined because it failed to report “in a full and timely fashion” regarding the customers who requested rides and number of requests fulfilled. Uber also failed to provide information about its service like number of drivers and passengers accepted in a particular area and safety information of the drivers. CPUC demands this information to ensure that the company is providing services “in a non-discriminatory manner enabling equal access to all and being provided in a manner that promotes public safety.”

An Uber spokesperson said, “While we are disappointed by the decision, we look forward to making our case to the California Court of Appeals. In the meantime, we will pay the fine and continue to work in good faith with the Commission.”

Since then, Uber has provided all the requested data to CPUC. Even though, Uber has agreed to pay the fine, it is content with the way the fine has been calculated.

Source: Techcrunch

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