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5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned! WTF !


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When it comes to racism against Indians, no one does it better than we ourselves. Unlike every other country where racism is generally directed towards other nationalities, we love to direct it towards ourselves. Looking back now, it’s no surprise the Britishers took us over without much of a fight. Our inferiority complex has survived from then since now, untouched! Which is probably why there are, even in this day and age, places in India where Indians are banned from entering. Here are 5 that we know of!

1. Free Kasol Cafe In Kasol

It’s rather surprising that this hippy/hipster breeding ground is a venue for such in-your-face racism! This cafe became infamous after a story of its owners refusing to serve Indians went viral. The cafe discriminated against people based on their passports! Where is the love bro?! Read More


2. Uno-In Hotel In Bangalore

This hotel in Bangalore was set up in 2012 in association with the Nippon Infrastructure company to cater exclusively to Japanese clientèle. The hotel however landed up in the spotlight after reports of them denying entry for Indians into their restaurant was picked up by the media. The hotel was soon shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation (GBCC) on charges of racial discrimination in 2014!
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3. ‘Foreigner’s Only’ beaches in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is another favored destination for foreigners who come to India. It’s pristine beaches flanked by wonderful French and Portuguese architecture gives it its mass appeal. However, Pondicherry has many beaches that are exclusively maintained for foreign tourists and completely discourage Indians from visiting.
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4. ‘Foreigner’s Only’ beaches in Goa

Goa is probably the most frequented tourist destination in India. Which is why it’s no surprise that Goa too has its own share of discriminatory establishments and beaches. Many shack owners try to weasel out a reason by claiming Indians tend to be lewd and loud. Something apparently foreigners are completely incapable of!
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5. A Lodge In Chennai ( Name Unknown)

Reported in the Deccan Herald was a story of Hotel Highlands(name changed) in Chennai, a slowly crumbling but once elegant establishment that denies entry to Indians. Only those in possession of a foreign passport are allowed into this fine establishment! Read More

Image Credit – noindi
Image Credit – noindi