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This is what the temple monks have to tell about the 40 dead cubs found at the tiger temple


40 dead cubs found in Thailand’s famous tiger temple.


Image Source: Khao Sod

Dozens of living tigers have already been removed, out of 137 at the temple. The 1,000-strong police operation is due to continue all week.

Some workers and volunteers at the temple spoke out against the operation.

Image source: Khao Sod

But the World Wildlife Fund welcomed the news and called on the Thai government to prohibit the temple from keeping tigers in future.

Since 2001, authorities have been locked in a battle with the monks at the temple to confiscate the tigers after allegations of wildlife trafficking and abuse surfaced.



The monks deny any wrongdoing.

The temple, officially known as Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, has been a stop on many tourists’ itineraries for decades. Visitors could pose for photographs with the tigers or help with their exercise routine.


Monks at the temple were not available for comment but have previously denied trafficking allegations.


In a statement on its Facebook page, the temple said the mortality rate for tiger cubs at the temple was “comparatively low” and that it used to cremate dead cubs but a vet changed the policy in 2010 “probably to keep as proof against the allegations of selling cubs”.


But animal rights campaigners have long campaigned to close it down. Peta said animals there are “imprisoned and denied everything that is important to them”.

Source: BBC news
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