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Netflix is considering the offline playback option for developing countries

Netflix is considering the offline playback option for developing countries

Netflix is, reportedly, considering providing users in developing countries with an offline video playback option.

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Netflix, the online video streaming and video on demand portal had once said that it would never consider offering an offline playback option. The reason, the company had said that its users were never too far from a good enough internet connection. But with its hugely expanding user base and penetration into various developing countries, it seems as if the multinational company is revising its policy.

According to a recent interview hosted by CNBC, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said that as the video streaming service expands into new markets, specifically developing ones, it will need to adapt to the user needs. This means that Netflix will have to find a way to allow users to enjoy its services even when there isn’t a good network connection nearby.

“Now as we’ve launched in more territories … They all have different levels of broadband speeds and Wi-Fi access. So in those countries they have adapted their behaviors to be much more of a downloading culture. So in those emerging territories it starts to become a little more interesting. We still think for the developed world our thesis has been true but I think as we get into more and more (of the) undeveloped world and developing countries that we want to find alternatives for people to use Netflix easily,”

said Sarandos.

Netflix chief Reed Hastings had said that the company was considering adding a download option for users in developing countries for a better experience. But it now seems like it will be offline playback that takes the cake.

The move is similar to a feature on YouTube that allows Indian users download videos to their phone and watch them anytime. Apparently, offline playback will be rolled out for all developing countries out of Netflix’s more than 200 live states. Developed countries may get the feature as an update later on.

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