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3 puppies burnt alive in Hyderabad, not even 2 months MBBS students threw a dog from terrace


In a most shocking an inhuman incident that occurred in Hyderabad, has shamed humanity more deeply again

Hyderabad, July  20, 2016. Red Newswire/–

The video came up on NTV news which shows the brutal murder of those 3 puppies by burning them alive. The most shocking thing to hear is that the video was shared by the doers itself and not by an outsider.

It seems that there merciless killing of puppies by burning the them alive and pushing them into fire when they tried escaping was of something they felt good or may be they were proud of doing such a heinous crime. They themselves went ahead and uploaded it on YouTube and shared it all over.

The video is going viral and everybody is pained at the sight of the video. 

The video shows young boys throwing the puppies into the fire, while others keep pushing the puppies back into the fire whenever they try to escape. What are they upto ? Do they know what they are doing at least ? Do they know how big a murder mission they’re on. Innocent animals are being killed every now and then.

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The incident of MBBS students throwing a dog from 3rd floor of a building came in light about 2 months back. The doers were out on bail immediately. No proper & suitable action  being taken.

The boys have been arrested by police as reported. But the question is what action would be taken so that such incidents come to a stop? Or again the “juvenile” card will be played or a Rs.10 or Rs.100 fine imposed on each and that’s all ?

The law of our land needs to be changed to punish such inhuman anti-social elements who have lost humanity to the core. They can’t be called “humans” for any reason whatsoever.


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