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Trouble’s not over for Samsung, Apple wants it to pay $180 million more


Trouble’s not over for Samsung, Apple wants it to pay $180 million more

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 25, 11:00 AM IST

It has been just a week that Samsung paid Apple $548 million in patents dispute. Now, Apple is again asking court to make its biggest smartphone rival to pay it $180 million more.

Apple Inc. filed court papers on Wednesday mentioning that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd owes it $180 million for supplemental damages. Apple traced these damages to Samsung’s 5 devices that infringed the company’s patents. However, 2012 jury verdict found Samsung liable and allowed it to sell those phones.

This Apple-Samsung patent dispute started in 2011 when Samsung was sued by Apple for allegedly violating its patents and copying the appearance of iPhone. The 2012 verdict asked Samsung to pay $930 million to Apple.

In May this year, another US court appeal reduced $382 million from the total based on the remark that a phones appearance cannot be protected just by using trademarks. The remaining $548.2 million was paid by Samsung on December 14.

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Looks like Apple and Samsung aren’t getting out of this smartphones war any sooner. Next year, another trail over remaining damages will start in California federal court.

Samsung has also filed appeal in US Supreme Court saying that it has paid far more than necessary.

Source: Reuters

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