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Goose.. uhmm… no no…..GOOGLEBUMPS IN INDIA


Goose.. uhmm… no no…..GOOGLEBUMPS IN INDIA

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 23, 2015 Last Updated at 02:22 PM IST.

Goose.. uhmm... no no.....GOOGLEBUMPS IN INDIA

It seems like Google is fastening up their activities in India after the advent of Sunder Pichai as its CEO. Many schemes are in talk with the government like setting up of helium balloons around the areas which has less connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity for 100 railway stations, its agenda of making net accessible to all or expanding its office networks ; Google is really showing its prowess in lieu with the PM’s Male In India lion.

 India as for any other company is likely to be very important market for Google too. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “Our focus is on bringing Internet access to everyone, making sure our products are working for them in a meaningful way and then ensure our platform allows them to add their voice to the Internet.”

After Sunder Pichai’s official trip to India, first time after he became the CEO, Google realises the scope of technological advancements with respect to the country’s problem and so the company has announced to open up a new campus in Hyderabad and has decided to hire more people at its Hyderabad and Bangalore location to ramp up its engineering ventures. Currently Google has 4 offices in India with a workforce of around 1500 of the total 14,000 people globally.

The company will install 100 railway stations across the country with Wi-Fi, by December 2016 with Mumbai Central station being the first to go live in January, Pichai said. The visits of PM to foreign countries and his convincing skills are showing results as not just Google but several other big giants are ready to invest in India.

India will have the largest user base for Android devices by next year, overtaking the United States, though just a quarter of the Indian telecom user base has smart-phones, Pichai said. While only a quarter has smart phones, surprisingly India ranks second in terms of search volumes from mobile phones. That’s how there is huge market availability in India.

Apart from all these developments, to train India’s huge IT student’s bludgeoning population, Mr Pichai said Google is announcing a programme to train 2 million developers in the country for which it will partner with 30 universities across India and National Skill Development Corporation. He has plans to empower women through Google’s rural internet programme for women that started as a pilot project to full-scale programme to cover three lakh villages in three years.

By: Rishi Sharma

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