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An innovative startup ‘Piki’ that helps you take decisions out of dependable data


An innovative startup ‘Piki’ that helps you take decisions out of dependable data

An innovative startup ‘Piki' that helps you take decisions out of dependable data

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 18, 2015 Last Updated at 09:07 AM IST.

Very often it happens that we want to take a decision based entirely upon dependable data rather than some intuition. founder of Piki, Indrayudh Ghoshal says his startup Piki can give you answers in just 4 hours of posting a survey consisting of just three questions.

He said, “The idea with Piki is to target the rapid response sector. The client can get a focused answer in four hours from a targeted demographic audience.” This idea is not entirely new for Ghoshal as he has worked with FourthLion Technologies, a firm that helps political parties in managing their campaigns using data analytics. Ghoshal worked on InstaVaani which is their polling platform.

Like every startup, Piki has also faced stepping blocks in its progress. Its first one was to select a relevant demography and according to Ghoshal this was collage going age group. So the company reached out many colleges in the country including IIM-B, National Law School and also international universities like McGill University and Alma Mater University.

But how does this actually works for students and teaches. Piki lets teacher conduct quizzes and assign grades baed upon participation. On the other side, the students play quizzes on the app and earn Rs. 30 –Rs. 50.

Ghoshal said, “We want to give the students something relevant everyday so that they do not just delete the app from their phones.” He added that the company is working towards issues such as random selection of answers and visual appeal of the results.

Viral B Shah, co-creator of Julia language and Ghoshal’s Fourthlion colleague said, “It is a disruptive and an innovative idea in this market survey industry. But it is still new, it is up to people to figure out how to make it work.”

Ghoshal says, “Google Consumer Surveys expects to see results ‘in as little as 24 hours’, which, while impressive, misses the opportunity of urgency in decision-making in today’s hyper-competitive markets.”

Piki has already received funding  and is being accelerated by NUMA accelerator, Bengaluru.

Source: ET Bureau

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