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Ride sharing feature launched by Ola, as Odd-Even rule is made mandatory in Delhi


Ride sharing feature launched by Ola, as Odd-Even rule is made mandatory in Delhi

New Delhi, India | Red Newswire | Dec 15, 2015 Last Updated at 08:20 PM IST.

The Odd-Even move of the government is going to be a little hard on Delhi residents, as it has been declared mandatory to curb pollution. The famous cab hailing services Ola and Uber are trying all means to keep up with it. Recently Uber launched Carpooling service. Now Ola is offering ride sharing service as it expects a heavy demand after the odd-even rule comes into force.

The company said in a statement, “”Ola Share will allow citizens who travel on the same routes to share their rides with users from social groups they are part of, starting today. This makes for economical fares and reduced congestion, since a ride can now be shared by up to three people at any point in time.”

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A 50 percent discount will be given by Ola on its share fares in the next month. Ola had already launched its Sharing service in Bangalore in October.

Ishan Gupta (Ola Share head) said, “”We are excited to bring Ola Share to Delhi NCR at a time when the citizens and the government are taking a massive step to reduce on-road congestion. Ola Share will help citizens travel in the comfort of social groups they are part of, with convenient access from the Ola app.”

Ola will also let the users create their groups using the dual email verification. It further added that only CNG vehicles will be used for this service.

The odd-even scheme will be implemented from 1st January, 2016. After the 15 days, the scheme will be reviewed for its impact and will decide if it will be continued further.

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Source: PTI

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