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2015 has proven to be a Breakthrough Year for Artificial Intelligence. Why?


2015 has proven to be a Breakthrough Year for Artificial Intelligence. Why?

2015 has proven to be a Breakthrough Year for Artificial Intelligence. Why?
Image: Bloomberg

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 14, 2015 Last Updated at 02:40 PM IST.

Artificial intelligence has been the subject of research since decades and finally our researches have landed on a milestone. This year has seen significant development in the field. We have smarter computers who can learn real fast.

Jeff Dean of Google said that the AI is advancing very fast. To celebrate this, top minds of the field will be seen at neural Information Processing Systems conference this week in Montreal. This event  started way back in 1987 and most of the silicon valley companies never miss it. It was at NIPS where the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s own AI lab.

AI research can be attributed to a number of factors

The cloud has given us the most affordable and powerful computing infrastructure that is capable of processing complex information. Plus we have a number of open source tools and plenty of datasets. All this has contributed to bringing down the cost of neural networks.

Now major tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook have their own AI labs. This year we saw in scientific journal Nature that showcased a system developed by Google researchers. The system is capable of mastering old Atari games without requiring any directions. Facebook recently developed a system that could help blind people understand images by describing it to them. Microsoft introduced a new Skype feature that can automatically translate between languages.

Startups are also not behind in this area. Preferred Networks in developing AI systems for Japan’s Faunc – an industrial robot. On the other side, Indico Data Labs worked with Facebook reserachers developing a computer that could paint a person’s face using their imagination (some sort of!).

Dean said, “We’re at this point in actual evolution where, previously, animals didn’t have eyes, and now they have eyes,” he said. “That’s going to change a lot of stuff. Computers used to not be able to see very well, and now they’re starting to open their eyes.”

 Source: Bloomberg

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