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Imperfect – A California Startup turning trash into cash


Imperfect – A California Startup turning trash into cash

Imperfect – A California Startup turning trash into cash

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 13, 2015 Last Updated at 8:21 PM IST.

It is not easy even for the fruits and vegetables to get to the supermarket, it’s just like a beauty pageant – that too a tough one!

According to survey carried out by Natural Resources Defense Council, the “ugly” look of some vegetables cause them to tossed in to the trash; nearly 6 billion pounds of this edible produce goes in to the trash.

The California startup called “Imperfect” is changing this scenario. What it does is very simple. It buys all the ugly – lumpy – crooked vegetables and fruits directly from the farms and delivers them to cutomers for $12 per box.

Ben Simon, CEO and co-founder of Imperfect says, “It’s a great model of taking a byproduct—farmers literally call this a byproduct—and turning that into a product that people want to buy.”

The company is looking forward to step into major retail stores. It also launched a pilot program with a supermarket chain called Raley. This ugly produce costs only half of the so called “graded” produce.

Imperfect has been operating since 2014. A food waste activist, Jordan Figueiredo started a campaign for the same called “@UglyFruitAndVeg”. He said, “Canada even has two grocers, Australia now has a couple. It’s really taken off since last year. Hopefully now it will start to take off here.”

Source: Bloomberg

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