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Tata Trusts partners with Khan Academy to provide free world-class education for anyone in India


Tata Trusts partners with Khan Academy to provide free world-class education for anyone in India

Tata Trusts partners with Khan Academy to provide free world-class education for anyone in India
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Mumbai, India | Red Newswire | Dec 7, 2015 Last Updated at 12:56 PM IST.

Tata Trusts of Tata Group and Khan Academy have entered into a 5-year strategic partnership to provide free world-class education to people in India. The partnership will focus on leveraging the technology for providing education to anyone and anywhere.

Khan Academy is promoted by Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst and aims to change the traditional tutoring model of Indian education.

This collaboration will be based upon the existing tools and resources of the Khan Academy to serve the educational needs of the Indian students.

The partnership will see some more partners so as to ready an educational ecosystem to support this model to empower people who lack access to education, students and teachers.

Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Trusts said that the Tata Group has been contributing to education since 150 years and now has chosen to partner with Khan Academy as it is providing free education to anyone.

Khan said, “As soon as we started talking, the dots started connecting quickly. We will focus on creating content in the first phase and we are building a team in India led by Sandeep Bapna. We need to catalyse the new types of learning model.”

Ratan Tata said, “Philanthropy in India has changed over years. In the olden days, it was the conventional form of charity. India is a nation that has changed from what it was 60 years ago. Today, people demand self-respect, access to knowledge and have an urge to enhance their livelihoods and Tata Trusts are committed to help them do so by creating a difference in their lives.”

He further added, “At the Trusts, we are positive that this collaboration will empower a generation of Indian learners through web-based personalized resources.”

According to a survey, the learning level of students in India is very low. ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) study has shown that around 75% of the class 5 students aren’t able to do simple maths operations like division.

Whats adds to this abysmal condition is the lack of qualified teachers. At present India needs 1.2 million teachers.

Khan Academy is trying to resolve these issues by means of various partnerships. This Tata Trusts and Khan Academy programme will be completed in two stages. The first stage (2016-18) will focus on incubation and the second stage will scale this model. Under first stage, the focus will be on producing content for urban middle and low-income students up to the age of 8 years in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Stage two will scale these resources for urban students.

Khan said the only way forward is, “free of charge world-class education for anyone, anywhere, anytime”.

Central Square Foundation supports Khan Academy in India. On the other side, Tata Trusts are among the oldest philanthropist organizations of India.

Source: PTI

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