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10 farm-to-table startups to keep an eye out for


One of the hottest enterprise sectors of the modern world is organic foods. There have been hundreds of companies opening up in this domain, here’s our list of the top 10 to look out for

17th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

If there is one kind of companies that promise a definite growth in the coming years, it’s farm-to-table service providers. This kind of companies are becoming more and more abundant by the day and just last year, the sector recorded its fourth consecutive year of double-digit sales growth. Unsurprisingly, western countries are now showing a lot more interest in this sector than ever before.

And although their growth seems seamless, the startups are facing a lot of competition and other challenges. Because of this pressure, many have already cracked and yet others are on the verge of it.

So, which companies should you actually look out for? Here’s our list of the top 10 food-based startups to monitor closely (via CB Insights).

Gotham Greens

A startup that currently operates in New York and ChicagoGotham Greens was founded in 2009 in Brooklyn. It provides year-round fresh supply of foods which are grown in its multiple urban greenhouses. The company provides its services to multiple states and uses a completely natural and organic approach. Its main produce includes lettuce, herbs, bok choy and tomatoes.

The startup has been actively raising capital, its latest funding was a $14 million capital from an undisclosed investor.

Suncrest Farms

Providing a nutrient enhancing water irrigation system, Suncrest is based on a “Deep Water Culture” hydroponic system to greenhouse lettuce growers. This system increases year-round efficiency of the produce. Operations are currently limited to Seattle and San Francisco.

Greensbury Market

Backed by the likes of CircleUp and Scout VenturesGreensbury Market is an online meat and seafood delivery service. The company is focused on providing organic, locally grown meat and seafood directly to customers’ doors. The approach is completely organic with the animals on a completely natural diet. It raised approximately $1 million earlier this year.


With an innovative idea of indoor vertical farmsTruLeaf is a startup based in New Scotia. The company aims to offer customers fresh and organic produce and also specializes in Research and Development. Apparently, the R&D is focused mainly for biomedical applications.

The startup is backed by AgFunder and InNOVAcorp and raised a $3 million funding earlier this year.


One of the biggest names in this sector currently, BrightFarms has a handful of investors including NGEN Partners, Emil Capital Partners, WP Global Partners and Catalyst Investors. It recently pulled in a whopping $55 million as investment, too.

The company aims to provide fresh organic produce from its multiple greenhouses in the Northeast and Midwest. The company also focuses on conserving water during irrigation.


Similar to TruLeaf, AeroFarms also specializes in the vertical farming approach. The company says its secret is a closed-loop aeroponic system that, apparently uses 95% less water than standard farming and 40% less water than hydroponic farming.

It has investors in the form of GSR Ventures, Middleland Capital and 21Ventures and has raised $28 million earlier this year.

Clear Labs

Raising a strong $7.5 million from investors like Khosla Ventures and Felicis VenturesClear Labs produces Clear View which is a molecular analytics platform. This platform uses DNA sequencing to help producers and suppliers monitor the produce. Tests like GMO testing, microbiome testing and pathogen detection are just a few of the tens they work with.

Door to Door Organics

This startup is an online subscription grocery service that aims to bring fresh organics directly to costumers’ doorsteps. It has raised $44 million already from major ventures like Greenmont Capital Partners and Arlon Capital Partners. It is based in Colorado and operates in many locations in the Midwest.

Freight Farms

Want fully functioning, pre-built farms inside of shipping containersFreight Farms will give you just that. This innovative startup was founded in Boston in 2010 and provides many services including closed-loop hydroponic irrigation systems, LED lighting and aeration systems. Its main focus is herbs.

The company has raised $5 million from the likes of Spark Capital and Frontier Tech VC.


Backed by New Ground Ventures and going strong with an investment of $10 millionPodponics operates small-scale urban farms. All of this is based on the company’s proprietary farm management software. The company is based in Atlanta and currently operates in many countries including Atlanta, Oman and Dubai. 

If you have any suggestions or similar stories regarding organic farm-to-table startups, hit us on the comments section.

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