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Entreprenuer Offers Solution to Fix Broken Education

Entreprenuer Offers Solution to Fix Broken Education

Entreprenuer Offers Solution to Fix Broken Education

Entreprenuer Offers Solution to Fix Broken Education
Image: Flickr/Khan Academy

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Nov 30, 2015 Last Updated at 03:30 PM IST.

At one of the TED talks, a crippling flaw in today’s education system was pointed out by a former fund analyst in November.

An entrepreneur has come up with a solution for this problem. Salman Khan, founder of free education resource ‘Khan Academy’ said that the students are forced to learn when they are in fact not ready for this. He has come up with a solution. He says, “We shouldn’t drag everyone around at the same pace.” Salman further added that our educational system should take inspiration from a martial arts trainer.

Khan said if a student scores 75% in a test, it means he didn’t learn 25% of the syllabus. Even after this the student is forced to take up the next lesson along with the rest of the class.

According to him, the problem is that the foundation of the next lesion is based up on the last lesson which he didn’t learn properly. So, consequently the next lesson becomes difficult to learn. If continued this way, we can’t expect a student to master the syllabus. Khan said this effect could quickly snowball up as the student takes higher lessons. For example, if a student did not master algebra, he will have difficulty learning calculus. Worst part is that then it is assumed that those students do not have the ‘math capability’ and so they eventually give up. Whereas, the reality is that they have not mastered the basics.

This is why Khan suggested that the students should not be dragged through the school at same pace. The education system should be more of like learning a musical instrument or martial arts training. He says, “Practice your white belt skills until they’re perfect, then move up to the yellow belt; practice the beginner piece until you nail it, then move on to the more advanced song; don’t move onto calculus if you haven’t mastered algebra and trigonometry.”

Khan’s idea is backed up by a lot of research. Students who master everything before they move forward have shown to have better results than those who do not. Khan said, “If we personalize the education experience for students instead of requiring them to move as a herd, then anyone “could become a physicist, or a cancer researcher, or a rocket scientist,” provided they are willing to put hard work required.

Source: Business Insider