12 Railway stations that serve best food in India


You will miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut &  miss the best food at railway stations if you have never tried eating

1) Tasty cholley bhature at Jalandhar station


Cholley Bhatures are surely a tasty food to eat. Jalandhar station offers you the most amazing Chole Bhature, so never miss the opportunity of eating the famous  Chole Bhature from Jalandhar station.


Cholley bhature

2) Delicious dum aloo at Kharagpur station


This is the food which you will find most people eating at kharagpur station. Everytime you visit kharagpur station you will see a crowd on Dum Aloo’s shop.Yyou will get  hot & spicy dum aloo with little gravy. Believe it its yummy!

dum aloo

3) Aloo Tikki at Tundla station


At Tundla station there are variety of food stalls, but the best one is Aloo tikki which is hot & crispy. Having this will sure make your journey more happier.

aloo tikki

4) Kerala’s famous Pazampori at Kochi station

To get refreshed while travelling have this popular Kerala snacks with a sip of tea. It is a crispy snack made with sliced bananas dipped in flour batter and deep fried.



5) Best rabri at Abu road station

This the place to eat if u really want to have some dessert which will win your heart. People come at this station specially to have Rabri even if they are not travelling.


6) Famous Lassi at Amritsar railway station

Amritsar is famous for lassi. If you ever visit Amritsar try this cold lassi with creamy layer on top of it. sure you will not feel hungry for 2-3 hours.


7) Vada pav at Pune Railway station

Vada pav so called Indian’s own burger. Pune station gives you the best vada pav. Its hot & tasty  and loved by the people in Pune.

vada pav

8) Poha at Ratlam station

The best breakfast served at Ratlam station is Poha. You will get Poha with Ratlami sev and raw onions which add taste to it.


9) Maddur vade at Maddur railway station

Maddur vade is a super delicious snack. Having it with a cup of tea will make you feel relaxed.

maddur vade

10) Kozhikodan halwa at calicut station

Kozhikodan halwa is a delicacy and it is something that should not be missed by anyone visiting Kozhikode.

kozhikodan halwa

11) Chicken cutlets at Howrah station

If you visit Howrah station the fragrance of the tasty chicken cutlet will no let you out of the station until you try it.Howrah is renowned for serving chicken cutlets. You will surely enjoy hot  & soft cutlets.

chicken cutlet

12) Best Chicken biryani at Shoranur railway station

Shoranur railway station is one of the mouth watering & best served chicken biryani in Kerala. It has an amazing taste. Try it if you visit.

Chicken-Biryani shoranpur

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