Youtube goes down for about 4 minutes, big trouble

Youtube goes down for about 4 minutes, big trouble.

Bengaluru | RNW | Feb 9, 01:23 AM IST.

All those browsing Youtube today may have experienced the trouble as Youtube server went down for a while. Yes, the server had been down between 01:18 to 01:22 hours today.

It created a great havoc for users and many websites with videos embedded from Youtube where seen to have crashed pages or broken video links. There were no screen previews seen even. We're also not sure whether the downtime was in specific regions only or worldwide. This news is expected to be trolling soon on social networks. There's no announcement from Youtube on this yet, but may be out soon. Some users may have also considered the downtime as a consequence of a hack attempt.

However, it is considered to be a small maintenance downtime or may be a network error or difficulty in connectivity among network hops. Youtube is back up now !

by RNW Team.