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The world’s first hollow cast is here, thanks to science


Three college students from Illinois have built a futuristic bone cast that shrugs off many problems of traditional casts

Illinois, 13th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

In this ever-changing world, everything is becoming smarter. If that’s the case, why should you be stuck with the dumb old PoP or fiberglass cast when you break your arm?

Traditional casts have many disadvantages. From having trouble itching those small parts that are tingling to not being able to shower to even sweating like an ox for long periods of time, fiberglass casts are like a pair of handcuffs. Luckily for us, three students from Illinois have come up with an idea that can alleviate some of those irritating bugs. Their design is called Cast21, a pretzel-esque sleeve that would replace traditional fiberglass castings.

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Unlike traditional casts, Cast21 is a mathematically designed hollow cast that will allow you to access the limb that is fractured without any trouble. The engineering of this sleeve is such that it is as rigid as a traditional cast. It is primarily made up of silicon and comprises a series of hollow tubes that are all connected together. This means that you no longer have to worry about those sore spots and hard to complete showers.

And yeah, if you’re thinking that this future-esque tech might be too expensive for you, apparently, the procedure will cost roughly the same as getting a traditional plaster on.

Getting Cast21 on is a very simple procedure, too. A doctor will place the cast on your forearm and inject two liquids into the tubes. As they mix, the structure hardens. The silicon construction means that a wide variety of colors and designs can be made available, including block colors, camouflage pattern and even a “cookies and cream” motif.

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The developers of this cast are currently looking for investors and once the required capital is acquired, human trials will be underway, In no time the cast will then go mainstream.

Image credits: Engadget


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