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Truecaller report says Ola is now double the size of Uber


Truecaller report says Ola is now double the size of Uber

Truecaller report says Ola is now double the size of Uber

Bengaluru | Red Newswire | May 06 11:00 AM IST.

Truecaller, the mobile directory firm has released  a report stating that the taxi aggregator Ola is now double the size of its rival aggregator Uber. According to Truecaller stats, Ola recorded 102 million calls from users which is quite big when compared to just 39 million calls of Uber users.

Truecaller carried out this research to understand the penetration of these two cab aggregators in the country. The company analyzed 2.5 billion calls made between users and these two companies. The figures showed the distribution of calls between Ola and Uber to be 72 percent and 28 percent respectively. Only the calls tagged as the “taxi services” were analyzed for collecting data.

The report also says that the two cab aggregators are also the undisputed leaders in the taxi market of India. They are also paving way for new kind of ride – sharing wave. Out of the 102 million calls recorded by Ola, 59.5 million calls were made by the users and rest 42.5 million calls were made by Ola. On the flip side, 25.4 million users made calls to Uber out of its recorded 39 million calls and the rest were made by the company.

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India has around 684 million smartphone users out of which 205 million people use these apps for booking taxis. But still, the two taxi hailing companies hold a very small account of taxi services in the country. Most of the people still prefer calling a local taxi service provider.

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