Paytm Android Mini App Store India
The country’s premier fintech startup Paytm has launched an Android Mini App Store to counter Google’s app store dominance via its recent policies

If you own an iPhone, you are probably among the 2% upper class section of the society. India has a 98% market share for Android based phones. As Android operating system is owned by Google, all Android based apps that are hosted on the Play Store make Google the largest ever single platform for apps.

With such dominance and huge pie of the market share, Google recently could be seen exercising its dominance by announcing new payment policies that are definitely going to hurt businesses. If not well established businesses, at least the new age startups will definitely be hurt with such policies.

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma on Monday announced the launch of an Indian Android Mini App Store to help app developers and businesses host their apps on the store. Paytm’s move to launch an app store is being seen as a counter to Google Play Store. The hegemony of Google and Apple app store that host android and iOS based apps respectively is well known. In fact, the duopoly hasn’t been countered by any big competitor yet. Paytm is backed by Chinese giant Alibaba and several other investors.

Google and several US based experts were anticipating an Indian app store very soon after Google announced its 30% commission policy that was to be applicable from Jan, 2021. However, it wasn’t expected so early probably.

Paytm said that it has partnered with 300 app based service providers and currently has an monthly active userbase of over 150 million users. It has partnered with brands such as NetMeds, Decathlon, 1MG, Rapido, Domino’s Pizza, etc.

Consequently, Google has now extended the dates and it has announced to apply the new commission policy an year later, that is Jan, 2022.

By Vinay Puri

Vinay is the Chief Editor at Red Newswire with over 12 years of experience in writing for startups, business , finance, politics and more. He also writes for Truth Indian and several other blogs. Though he is a graduate in Computer Science Engineering from Visweswararaya Technological University (VTU) Bengaluru, his passion for writing and expressing his views in an unbiased approach is more than that of a software developer by profession. He is a regular follower of startup news and is keen on all that keeps happening in the business environment and the startup ecosystem.