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Business growth & Brand awareness with perfect search engine visibility is one of the key factors to your business success.

Put yourself into the scenario, where you want to publish your startup news to all the major media channel websites. What’s the next thing you do then ? You make attempts to contact each & every news channels through email & phone. Due to high volume of news they receive, most of the times they do not respond to your mails or calls. Okay, so if they respond, do all of them respond at the same time ? No.

There are top 200 major news portals in India. So, if you get their acceptance to publish your news, you need to submit a new write-up each time to each news portal, because they do not want to get blacklisted by search engines for publishing already published stories verbatim.

Red Newswire is one spot where you submit your story, business news, product or service launch coverage and BOOM ! You’re done.. Red Newswire submits & publishes your news simultaneously, exactly at the same date & time, hence you need to have a single write-up per event or news and only once.

As the news is published simultaneously on all the portals as may be under a package subscribed by you, the search engines do not consider it as a copy of the other. Hence free from plagiarism.

We then publish it to over 200 media channels in India and over 2000 channels across the globe. Our distribution network includes top news portals in India, US, UK, Middle East and elsewhere.

Corporate Service @ Freelancers’ Price. Don’t you love that ?

Quality assured – in content & in pricing as well

Now that you’ve run through our services & you know what we do and how we do, let’s come to the pricing. Well, though our quality is retained in any or all the jobs done, our prices are lower than what an individual freelancer may charge you.

Accept it if you like or ask us to revise it upto twice.

For the bulk work we do and deliver millions of words per day, we charge between nominal rates. Please contact our sales team for pricing right away. We are sure, you’ll love the price if you’ve got the load of work for us to bend our spines and make them ache.

Rule 1: Prices may vary and depend on following factors:-

  • Availability of our writers
  • Delivery priority [ Urgent or regular delivery ]
  • Day delivery or night delivery [ Night delivery charges are high, usually double ]
  • Content orders on holidays & weekends may be high [depends of availability of writers ]

Rule 2: Prices go low if:-

  • The order is in bulk [ we call it bulk when the minimum word count is 10,000 words] – Flat 25% Off
  • The order is for a short-term and continuous [ considered short-term if the order is for a minimum period of 1-3 months ] – Flat 35% Off
  • The order is for a long-term and continuous [ considered long-term if order is for a minimum period of 6 months or more ] – Flat 50% Off
  • When applying Rule 2, Rule 1 shall always be considered to decide the prices

We believe in keeping your trust in our services, maintained forever.

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