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Recent Technology for Changing the America’s Economic Status

America is one of the top most countries in the economic status and this country starting so many techniques to overhaul on it. Bengaluru - Jan 17, 2017. RedNewswire/-

Nowadays we are in the modern technological world because the environment is surrounded by the technology to invent ...
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Harsharvardhan Zala signed mou 5 crore gujarat government

14 YO Harshavardhan Zala signs MoU worth 5 Cr for defense drones with Gujarat Govt

Harshavardhan Zala, a 14 year old boy who pitched for his drone production startup meant for implementation in India's defense services. Harshavardhan has designed a drone that can be used in the war fields to detect land mines as well as diffuse such land mines threats. The drone would work ...
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Darshan Krishnasamy, Founder of Anything Delivered

Local errands startup Anything Delivered literally delivers anything and everything

Bengaluru, Jan 12th, 2017. RedNewswire

What would you do when you are heading to an important meeting and you realize you haven’t brought your laptop charger?

Your aged daddy is going to your sister’s place and needs to be seen off at the train ...
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The Remote Life – Let’s Voyage

Life is a long journey and learning is a vital aspect of an individual’s life. Experiences enhance learning. Travelling gives you experiences. Hence, the more you travel, the more you learn. Well, we all are leading a strenuous life in the metro cities where we have no time for leisure ...
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Payment app Freecharge raises $57M from Snapdeal – owned by Jasper Infotech

Jasper Infotech which owns Snapdeal has invested around $57M in Freecharge Bengaluru - Jan 09, 2017. RedNewswire/- Mumbai-based payment app FreeCharge has raised $57.2 M from Jasper Infotech, which own e-commerce platform Snapdeal. According to report, documents were filed in the last ...
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racknap rednewswire

Guruprit Ahuja & Sabarinathan Sampath take leadership roles at RackNap

Guruprit Ahuja (Ex-Director Middle-East & Africa, Acronis) and Sabarinathan Sampath (Ex-Professional Services Director, Ingram Micro Cloud) Take Leadership Roles at RackNap
Mumbai – Jan 6, 2017. RedNewswire/--
RackNap, a unified cloud services automation and business cycle management platform, today announced the appointment ...
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Meraj Shah, Presenter, #Indiamyway, Mr. Karamjit Dua, VP - Advertising Sales (South Asia), Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Mr. R.S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki Rednewswire

Discovery Collaborates With Maruti Suzuki To Celebrate A Landmark Journey Across 29 States

Marks culmination of its new-age entertainment series #INDIAMYWAY New Delhi, Jan 06, 2017. RedNewswire/-- Discovery Channel in association with Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) organized an event in New Delhi to celebrate the culmination of its journey across 29 states. Cruising around in a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza,covering over 28,000 ...
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Maptags brings in quick address resolution techniques that enhance your conversion rate

Maptags - The Address Revolution begins Every e-commerce, hyperlocal start-up CEO has a dream – to get as many users as possible quickly and go viral, but there is one problem in fulfilling this goal – getting Quality Address Quickly . Addresses are long , boring and are confusing ...
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3 things you must know to start an online business

Bengaluru - Jan 06, 2017. Rednewswire/- 1. The truth about starting an online business In the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing REAL SALES NUMBERS, including actual conversion rates from IWT. Nobody outside of my small team has ever seen these before. But you will. Why? Because I want ...
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Divergence of Mobile Apps and Websites

Mobile phones have been the greatest evolution of mankind in the 21st century and it has become essential for the businesses and the public. In today’s world, everything is bound to be subjected to the technological changes. It is hard to believe with the fact that, without the mobile phones ...
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Ed-tech startup “Learntron” raises undisclosed seed funding from Kae Capital

Learntron is a Suite of apps for schools, educational institutions and corporates Bengaluru - Janc 04, 2017. RedNewswire/- Chennai-based Learntron delivers SaaS based suite of apps to manage learning and training activities for schools, educational institutions and businesses. It has raised an undisclosed seed funding from ...
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Mobile Apps are the Digital Assistance for the Doctors

Mobile apps are helping doctors the big way
According to the current scenario, the mobile technology is ruling the world where almost all the tasks are performed using the mobile phones and mobile apps. There is an app available for almost all the fields of ...
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Concealed Attributes of Whatsapp

  1. Altering the font of text messages to that resembling a typewriter's
If the user wants the font of the text message they create to look old school like that of a typewriter, all they have to do is insert the ` symbol three times before the ...
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Red Newswire/--

What is StarClinch?
StarClinch is an online marketplace of artists that connects talent buyers with artists across India, thus ...
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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017

I cherish it. At whatever point I slither over to a business site and they have the majority of their social records open to their clients.
My jaw drops when I tap on the exquisite Twitter winged creature and I see that they haven't tweeted since they opened ...
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Paytm, Freecharge and BHIM app security features and technical comparison

1. Paytm and Freecharge security features compared
Freecharge and Paytm apps are playing an important role to make India a cashless economy. But many questions regarding these apps strike everyone’s mind. How much are Freecharge and Paytm apps secure? How to use Freecharge and Paytm apps securely? What ...
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sbi band money upload to paytm

State Bank of India has banned deposits In Paytm Wallets

Paytm transactions are not permitted by SBI in paytm wallets Bengaluru - Dec 29, 2016. RedNewswire/- Paytm is India's most popular cashless platform among consumers which makes easy for people to do cashless transactions. Where Our PM Narendra Modi talks about going cashless and digital India, SBI has banned transactions ...
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Cashless Economy- Is it possible to achieve?

It’s hard to imagine a cash-free world for the entire mankind. Still after the establishment of the credit and debit card technology and with the growth of mobile payments, about 80% of the money transactions worldwide happens with cash. The global attachment to cash will not be helping some of ...
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Do mobile sites help us in the society of apps?

A mobile site is a collection of lighter version of the completely developed website. It is developed for portable devices like tablets and smart phones. It helps the users to access these sites with the help of internet and intranet. Besides, these sites are more secure than other websites because ...
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MS Office suite chromebook rednewswire

Chromebook users will undergo a better experience with Microsoft office suite

Google obtained Android apps for their different sort of laptop- Chromebook, which runs on Google Chrome OS. Chromebook exceeded the Apple Macs in terms of trade, which made Chrome OS as one of the world’s rapidly developing operating systems. Chromebook dominated in the year 2014, shipping was doubled and it ...
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Online jewellery store “BlueStone” raises $5.2M series D funding from Iron Pillar Fund

BlueStone is an online private label jewellery shopping store Bengaluru - Dec 24, 2016. RedNewswire/- BlueStone is an online jewellery store that sells high quality jewellery and accessories. It has raised $5.2M in Series D funding round from Iron Pillar Fund. The company was founded in 2011 by ...
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Deals app “The Blue Book” raises $500K in seed funding from Indian Angel Network & LetsVenture

The BlueBook is a mobile app for deals at nearby eateries Bengaluru - Dec 22, 2016. RedNewswire/- Hyderabad-based TheBlueBook is a mobile app for availing deals from nearby F&B stores. It has raised $500K in seed funding round led by Indian Angel ...
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IFMR Capital - rednewswire

IFMR Capital raises $17M in private equity funding round from Standard Chartered

IFMR Capital provides and raises capital for MFIs, SME Lending NBFCs Bengaluru - Dec 20, 2016. RedNewswire/- Chennai-based IFMR Capital is a financial services firm that helps financial institutions serving under-banked people raise funds. It has raised $17M in Private equity funding round from Read More
DOR-developeronrent-rednewswire lets you hire tech developers hassle-free way

Looking for a platform that helps you hire developer’s on-demand? Most of the early-stage startups, today find it difficult to hire the right technical talent. Many cannot afford the resources required for a full-time developer and in some situations, freelancers or interns lack to provide productivity. It was to solve ...
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