Noida-based startup Connecto acquired by GirnarSoft

Noida-based startup Connecto acquired by GirnarSoft

Noida | Red Newswire | April 28 11:49 PM IST.

  Noida-based startup Connecto acquired by GirnarSoft

Girnarsoft has acquired the Noida-based startup Connecto for a both cash and stock deal. Connecto is a SaaS startup and GirnarSoft is the parent company of, and the deal will see the use of Connecto’s tools for improving the overall user experience of Girnarsoft’s apps and websites.

Amit Jain, CEO of GirnarSoft said, “Connecto will help us create user profiles by tracking user behavior in real time. These user segments can then be interacted with in a personalized manner via web notifications, specific emails, in-app notifications and chrome notifications.”

On the flip side, Connecto will use this opportunity for integrating its existing infrastructure with its technological framework for enhancing the user experience.

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Saurabh Mathur and Jagmal Singh founded Connecto in 2013 with an aim to simplify the user experience on digital platforms. Since then, the startup has developed agnostic tools that ease the communication between the marketers and customers. The tools offer options for notifications, alpha and beta testing, automatic profile creation and other custom integrations.

This is the seventh deal made by GirnarSoft in the past two years. Previously it had acquired Drishya360,,, BuyingIQ, Help on Wheels etc. The company also invested in Advanced Structures India and