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The new Rs 2000 note has micro Nano GPS chip, to track exact location of currency


On one hand where banning the current notes of Rs.500 & 1000 is the master move, some questions that how the new Rs.2000 note will not increase corruption ? Here’s the answer you need to know.

New Delhi. Nov 9, 2016. 0101 IST.

In what could be a major blow to black money hoarders, the new Rs 2000 note that was unveiled by the Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday comes with a micro Nano GPS chip that can help track the exact location of the note via a satellite.

With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapping the Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes on Tuesday in a move to fight against black money, the RBI unveiled the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes to replace them.

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Now, the interesting thing is, as per reports, the new Rs 2000 notes are embedded with a micro Nano GPS chip which will help locate the position of the currency via a satellite.

The first of its kind and definitely a major blow to black money hoarders, the GPS chip will act as a tracker and help locate the exact location of the currency via a satellite.

rs2000note with micro nano GPS tracker chip

According to reports, the chip has been fitted in such a way that it can detect Rs 2000 notes even from 120 meters below the ground.

Reports further state that if one tries to tamper the nano GPS chip, the Rs 2000 will become damaged and unusable.

So, with the new Rs 2000 note with the GPS chip help in the fight against black money? Only time can tell.

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(This article was first published on Zee News and has been published unedited by RedNewswire staff)

Update: This news was later clarified by RBI to be a hoax. RBI clarified that no chips exist in notes as of now.

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