Meet the Ziel M2, the world’s first sleeve that will warn you if you’re about to pull a muscle

A new prototype device called the Ziel M2 might soon save you from doing any serious damage to your arms

Houston, 14th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Today's world is data driven. Everything needs to be monitored in real-time in order to make sure the world is in order. Walking on just these rules, two students from Rice University, Texas, have come up with the brilliant idea of using a smart sleeve to measure and monitor your muscle stress.

Called the Ziel M2, this sleeve isn't the first in the market to make such a claim. While there have been tens of devices that monitor muscle strain and other factors, they do not guarantee any real-time actions. Furthermore, these devices come up with often nonsensical collections of statistics that the people who read it won't understand.

Ziel's M2, however, uses a deep learning algorithm that will offer simple and useful data in real-time. Apparently, if your arm is overworking or the impulsive strain is too high, an alarm will sound indicating the person to rest the muscle.

Currently, the tech is being aimed at baseball players who have a high chance of tearing their tendons because of high speed pitches. Coaches will be able to hook their players up on one of these bad boys and make sure their muscle strain is within desired parameters. They can also push players in for extra time if their bodies seem to have the capacity to withstand that.

Ziel is planning to go mainstream with its technology by mid-2018 and will apparently be targeting high school baseball teams first. The cost of one sleeve is estimated to be around $250 while a coaching subscription for each individual user will be summed at $10 a month.

The device will find applications in various sectors including sports, industries, school etc. And as it is based on deep learning, it will only get better with repeated usage.

Image credits: Engadget