Meal-delivery company “Chef’s Plate” raises $6M from Acton Capital Partners & Existing investors

Chef's Plate is a Canada's market leader in the fresh ingredient and recipe delivery space

Toronto, Canada - Sept 20, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Chef's Plate is a recipe-box business that delivers fresh pre-portioned meal ingredients and step-by-step recipes to cook a chef-quality meal at home.

It has raised $6M In Series B funding round led by  Acton Capital Partners and existing investors Emil Capital Partners & Brand & Project

The fund raised will be used fund recruitment and market expansion across Canada. Individual meals cost $12.50 a plate.

“For us it’s a really big opportunity,” said Chef’s Plate co-founder Jamie Shea. “We’re on a mission to build the leading online food company in Canada. We’re well-positioned to be a $100-million business in that market.”

Hannes Blum, Acton's venture partner leading the investment in Chef’s Plate said, “The new consumer packaged-goods companies that succeed are laser-focused on customer experience by leveraging technology."

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The company has raised $8M funding in total. In October 2015, Chef's Plate has raised $2M in Series A funding round led by Emil Capital Partners & Brand & Project.  

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