LENDINGKART to offer loans to sellers in collaboration with CRAFTSVILLA

LENDINGKART to offer loans to sellers in collaboration with CRAFTSVILLA.

Lendingkart, the popular online platform that helps small and medium enterprises to get capital loans has decided to join hands with Craftsvilla.com, an online shopping sore known for its ethnic items; as an attempt to ease the process of obtaining and working on capital loans for companies that need and require pecuniary help.

Bengaluru | Feb 27, 2016 10:52 AM IST.

Craftsvilla.com’s partnership with Lendingkart has added on to the help that is currently provided by the former company, with its “seller financing program”. The program has promised to aid sellers across to the fullest, helping them with the financing deals. The new association has made the company face an unprecedented growth not only in terms of financial improvement but also in satisfying the needs of sellers and the demand for products.

While CEO and co-founder of Lendingkart, Harshvardhan Lunia says that not all online selling markets and companies receive the aid and funds that they expect and need for their growth and that their company would help sellers with the credit history and bridge the huge gap in their cash-flows; co-founder of Craftsvilla Manoj Gupta says that their company will form the other end of the business bridges. He claims that their company will ensure that the merchants receive the funds that they need, so that they grow in the market without any obstacles.

Both the officials believe that this alliance will add on to the improvement and growth of the funds and outcome of online shopping stores.