Hyperlocal Startup JUGNOO brings in customer acquisition strategy,reduces travel costs

Hyperlocal Startup JUGNOO brings in customer acquisition strategy,reduces travel costs.

Chandigarh based startup Jugnoo, which is known as the popular app for collecting and spreading news on autos and its details, have introduced a new method to grab the customers’ attention! Bengaluru | Feb 22, 2016 06:53 PM IST.

The company has decided to bring down its pedestal amount to Rs.5, in order to ascend the number of customers hailing such vehicles and also to ensure that the users are all contented with this service.

hyperlocal startup Jugnoo

Comprising of nearly 8,000 autos on site, the service is currently active and functioning on a good note in 22 cities, though its prop is Chandigarh.  The service is currently supported by Paytm and Snow Leopard Ventures and its deal with noted actress, Saumya Tandon, its brand ambassador, for an amount that has not yet been disclosed is also being talked about.

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The company has decided to rate Rs.4 in cities and Rs.3 in the towns that it is currently functioning at. Samar Singla, co-founder of Jugnoo says that the decision to plummet the fares was a consequence of the rise in the power of its drivers and workers. He says that the ability of the company to swell the number of adoptions per auto by three times its original hailing for the past six months made it convince its employees to bring down the fare set for every ride.