Breaking News gets 25 lakh bookings, smartphones manufacturing to start by April end

img gets 25 lakh bookings, smartphones manufacturing to start by April end.

The owner of’Ringing Bells’, the company behind the Rs 251 smartphone that has generated disbelief and suspicion in equal measure, claimed on Friday he had reached his target of 25 lakh bookings.

Bengaluru / Noida | Feb 20, 2016 02:25 PM IST.

He also said he would disclose his business plan in a couple of days.Amid continuous visits to his Noida office -B-44 in Sector 63 -by taxmen and cops, Mohit Goel promised to start delivering the phones, whose manufacturing or assembly is yet to start, by the end of April.

He also claimed the booking money had not been transferred to his account yet and he didn’t want it till he started delivering the phones.Asked about the pricing of the phone, which has drawn fire for unfair undercutting and accountability for the huge booking money, Goel said, “I will come out and disclose my business plan in two days. We have reached the target of 25 lakh bookings and we will start distributing by April-end. We will set up two factories, one in Noida, another in Uttarakhand.”

He claimed an assembly plant for the phone is already in place in Noida.The company’s website had crashed under pressure from 6 lakh hits per second as the phone generated tremendous curiosity after it was announced on February 17. All of Friday , as Goel said bookings were complete, nearly 200 people waited outside Ringing Bells’ rented office, most with receipts of truncated online transactions on the ‘’ website.

Others wanted to know if there were other ways of buying the phone. On a wall outside the building, a notice written in Hindi stated the only way to buy the phone is online. The total cost of buying a Ringing Bell is Rs 251 plus Rs 40 delivery charge, which equals to Rs 291. That’s a total booking money of Rs 72.5 crore.
“There’s no clarity and because it’s only Rs 251, most people will not even pursue the purchase after a point if the order doesn’t come through,” said Nishant Jain, another buyer. After a long meeting with Goel, GautamBudh Nagar DSP Anoop Singh said, “We have enquired about his background run a basic check. Because such a huge amount is involved, we will make sure no fraud takes place. If need be, we will also keep his documents and passport in custody until clarity is given to everyone about the how he is going to manufacture and deliver the phones, and provides a time frame.”
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