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Exclusive: Facebook selects Indian startup FamousEnuf with $40,000 funding

Exclusive: Facebook selects Indian startup FamousEnuf with $40,000 funding

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Advertising technology startup FamousEnuf has been selected for FbStart, the early-stage, mobile-focused startup program by Facebook.

FamousEnuf, an ad-tech startup operating in India, has been selected by Facebook for its mobile-focused startup programme FBStart.

As part of this prestigious program, FamousEnuf has received a fund of $40,000 (about Rs 27 lakh) as credits and services from Facebook and its partners. FamousEnuf will also receive mentoring from the Facebook’s engineering teams.


FamousEnuf was founded in mid 2016 by Rachita Pandya and Aditya Shah, graduates of Indian School of Business and Stanford GSB Global Innovation Program.

FamousEnuf is a one-of-its-kind micro-influencer marketing platform that connects everyday consumers with brands. Consumers endorse brands they love to their friends and followers on social network and brands barter their own products as a reward for this endorsement. It has seen phenomenal traction in the first month of its launch with over 30 domestic and international brands across verticals like fashion and apparel, jewellery, travel and stay, health and fitness, education and real estate. The platform has over 450 curated micro-influencers with a reach of more than 350,000.

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FamousEnuf intends to utilize this fund for accelerated growth and to closely engage with Facebook engineering teams to enhance their technology.

Notably, a close global competitor Famebit was acquired by Google last week.

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