With its end to end technology, SnapLion may snap up company’s share of food and beverage industry

With its end to end technology, SnapLion may snap up company's share of food and beverage industry.

SnapLion, among the first companies to introduce the concept of DIY (Do it yourself) apps in India, now plans to become an end to end technology provider for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. "Right now there are too many players providing different solutions to the customer.We already cater to 80% of the requirements; now it's about filling in the blanks," Tapan Raj, founder & CEO,SnapLion told ET. The F&B segment forms 80% of the company's current customer base. He added that the firm would continue to cater to its existing customers in other industries like music, events etc, but going ahead, the focus would be on F&B. "There are a lot of inefficiencies in the space with too many different players. Having worked with restaurants, we understand the issues they face," said Raj.
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The company is now in the process of rolling out analytic tools to help business owners better understand consumer behaviour, their own point-of-salesystem and tools to help with inventory management in the kitchen. "This will make it more cost effective for the owner and I think we are in a good position to do this," said Raj. At present, 40% of SnapLion's customers are located in India many of these are restaurant chains with multiple outlets like Smokin Joes,and The Beer Cafe, hence the actual presence in India is higher than that abroad.