Delhi’s 13 yr old entrepreneur Akshat, cracks the Odd-Even rule

Delhi's 13 yr old entrepreneur Akshat, cracks the Odd-Even rule

  New Delhi, India | Red Newswire | Dec 17, 2015 Last Updated at 11:33 PM IST.

Delhi is bracing itself for the hard time ahead that is going to come with the implementation of the odd-even rule. But, a very young 13 year old entrepreneur Akshat Mittal has come up with a solution. The boy has come up with a site that will enable the commuters to pre-plan their journey.

Delhi’s 13 Yr Old Entrepreneur Akshat, Cracks The Odd-Even Rule

Using the website, the commuters can discover commute partners to share their ride with. The user has to simply input time, source, destination, vehicle’s registration number and gender. However if you are not using your own vehicle and simply want a ride, you don’t even need to input registration number and type of the vehicle.

After registration, user gets to see possible ride options. Later the commute partners can decide on the trip sharing. Presently the site offers point to point pooling and might be expanded to include on-route drops. The website is live and the mobile – app will be launched soon.

Odd-Even rule problem? Akshat Mittal, a 13 year old entrepreneur has the answer

Akshat is also a member of TiE Delhi-NCR Young Entrepreneur program. Other carpooling sites are also offering solutions but this is different as the algorithm looks for ride matches based upon user’s preferences.

He says, “Most of the car pooling apps today wants to provide convenience to the commuters in the form of linking people wanting to share a ride. However, they have no considerations regarding the odd and even number, which will be the case from January 1, 2016. Currently, all other apps are aimed at citizens looking to lessen the burden of the cost of fuel and the ones looking at a convenient mode of transport.”

Akshat adds, “We have 140 flats in our society and about 50 people travel to Gurgaon every day. The most unfortunate part is that we do not know the same sets of people are going to Gurgaon. Our thought process in the first step we should be able to help people discover partner options they can commute with based on odd/even day.”

Source: Bizztor