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Delhi-based Wrapd lets you rent a Party Dress


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Wrapd doesn’t think you should have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to look great, especially if it’s only for one occasion

Bengaluru – Oct, 07, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Occasions make large wardrobes. While your day to day usage probably ranges between 4 – 5 pairs of clothes, the rest is often stuff you originally bought for an occasion. Those clothes are expensive and you would rarely get a chance to actually wear it. There are very few businesses who do this in India as well, who do this and today, we have one such player in Wrapd.

The team of Neeraj Wadhera, Ritu Malhotra and Anubhav Goel currently run five showrooms in India 3 of which are in New Delhi, one in Hyderabad and one in Jaipur. You can go to any showroom, choose the designer clothing of your choice and book it for a fee. A day before the event, you can collect the fitted and dry cleaned outfit and wear it and then return it.

From home business to pan India the store hopes to expand further in coming years. There’s real value in what Wrapd is giving out – our customers can rent what they’d buy for 50 to 60 000/ for a fraction of the cost saving not only money but storage space too. Added benefits include no tailoring hassle, no dry cleaning costs and maintenance issues. And of course the advantage of a unlimited wardrobe that too full of latest styles and cuts.

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Wrapd is seeing some good traction in these months, owing to the marriage season.
The business is seasonal in nature and yes, the retail side of the business does take a dip during April, May and June. We make up for it by investing time in designing new products and we work with corporates, hotels, modelling agencies etc on corporate assignments.

Convincing people of renting clothes is quite a big challenge. He says, “Even now, people ask us about the clothes’ maintenance, as they are used and a lot of time needs to invested in it to make them understand that we’ve been doing this for the past 7 years. Also, as we grow many business owners who come and replicate our designs and put it up for sale. That’s something we’ve got to live with. Furthermore, we believe that value is in the renting model.

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Wrapd doesn’t think you should have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to look great, especially if it’s only for one occasion. It is a common problem, and Wrapd is a very simple solution for that. It delights our customers.

On a concluding note the response Wrapd is getting without much marketing is very overwhelming and Wrapd is looking to approach other geographies. With the availability of more funds, Wrapd will be looking to move to places like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chandigarh – we get a lot of queries from there.

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