Chennai based FreshDesk acquires FrameBench’s file collaboration platform

Chennai based FreshDesk acquires FrameBench's file collaboration platform.

Chennai based startup Freshdesk has decided to take over Pune based online collaboration platform Framebench, which is known for its services that enable users to post, share, review and comment on videos, images, presentations and documents.

Bengaluru | Feb 23, 2016 05:06 AM IST.

This acquisition of Freshdesk, which is known for its cloud-based customer support software setup, has gained attention as users are now provided with the ability to link the tools of both services and apply it to their work.

freshdesk acquires framebench

The tools have been provided in a way, so as to enable communication with the working teams and customers as well. Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshdesk says that this collaboration has not only enhanced the features of Freshdesk, but also those of Freshservice. He also believes that the collaboration/acquisition has added on to the fact that the satisfaction of customers will be met.

Funded by BlumeVentures, Framebench’s tools were made use of by a Republican party committee to create and promote campaign and support posters, advertisements and other promotions during an election last year. Talks are that the deals have not been revealed and that Framebench’s team will be transferred to Freshdesk.