Bon Cloud emerges as a Robust Video Content Platform for Communication

As a content creation and distribution company, both traditional mainstream broadcast and OTT partners can benefit from the most from their full-service content library.  
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Beijing, China/ New Delhi, India : Content has been a credible and most important feature while crafting a message on digital and traditional platforms. While using the individual platform to modulate the message depends on the idea behind the message, the type of message formats also play a vital role in touching the nerves of viewers. A message can be in any format but the one that makes a lasting impression is a motion picture; also called video. Hence the most sought tool to be effective communicator is video.

bon cloudContent are being sought from all around the world and the major player in Asian countries have been contributing the major chunk of quality content. One such provider specialized in Chinese content and instant video support is BON Cloud. It’s the unique mainland China content production and licensing platform. What’s different is that they have new registrations to provide direct access to their 100% own rights, broadcast-quality video content. The services offered by BON let you connect with some of the newest and most sought China video content available ranging from broadcast-ready content, or footage, on a regular, or periodic basis. As a content creation and distribution company, both traditional mainstream broadcast and OTT partners can benefit from the most from their full-service content library. Bets way a distribution company or a production company can build a one-to-one delivery relationship with company like Bon Cloud.
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There are ample content being produced on daily basis and many would serve the purpose you aim at achieving. You can be updated with all the latest addition in the content library just by a newsletter association. All you need to do is have HD video proof of broadcast, and the associated stats for whatever you decide to air.

Also to notice that the BON Cloud video content comes with relaxed licensing terms, designed especially with your broadcasting needs and your convenience in mind:

  • Control budgets with license-free, ready-to-broadcast programs
  • Engage your audiences with China-centric, English-language video
  • Obtain media packages for reproduction, including video, audio, scripts and raw footage

Assets like these only begin to tell the story of BON Cloud’s Video Content and Media services bundle. You’ll also immediately enjoy having, and being able to:

  • Conveniently access content sources throughout the platform archive
  • Add extra multicultural segment value to your broadcasting output
  • Directly utilize the mainland China-based production services offered by their Producer users

In addition, users and producers can also benefit from distinct advantages that Bon Cloud associates itself with. Other video broadcast channels and platforms who traditionally find it time-consuming and expensive to source content on topics of interest from China can take a step forward and count on BON CLOUD.

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In a nutshell, you can ease out the process of attaining a quality China centric content by partnering with BON Cloud, and registering for a Free Platform Membership, though for a limited timeframe. As they claim, it comes with no obligation and is the most effective way to introduce to your audience the unique China video stories, including business, tech-innovation, travel and culture content. All these services stand at par with industry and above all serve the video requirements. All geared to your reproduction needs and broadcasting requirements.

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BON Cloud is an integrated online video marketplace that seamlessly connects you with all your China media needs, resource and opportunities. We enable you to be efficient than ever while producing, acquiring and distributing China content from anywhere.

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