An artist with over 300 awesome paintings having lost his hands at the age of 14

The story of Dhaval Khatri is as inspiring and yet again proving the proverb "Where there's a will, there's a way".

  I'm writing this story not only to sing this unsung hero of our country, but also to bring in a life learning to those who fall from the stress and trauma of life and commit or think of committing suicide. Life is more precious & beautiful than a suicide-attempt maker may see it from his perspective of being let down by situations & circumstances.     dhaval-khatri's-paintings       Dhaval Khatri unfortunately lost both his hands at the age of 14. He was studying in school before the mishap and then he was not allowed to continue schooling further for the decision of his school authorities.     dhaval-khatri's-paintings       He took it as a challenge to lead his life in a beautiful way. Expulsion from school in no way seemed to have brought his morale down. He decided not to quit & fought back to continue his studies. He never asked a substitute's help & wrote all his exams himself.     dhaval-khatri's-paintings     He hopped on to learning guitar and he plays it damn well. Painting wasn't something he had wished to do, but finally he started on it and claims to have painted 300 and more of them. You can see a few of his masterstroke arts in this article.     dhaval-khatri's-paintings   dhaval-khatri's-paintings    
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  Isn't that so life-giving and inspiring ??  
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