9 Greatest Bank Robberies around the World

Robbing a bank isn't too easy, these thoughtful and daring bank robberies will give you shivers.Here is a list of 9 of the world's most shocking bank robberies.

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     1. Rs 186 crore robbery in ABN Amro Bank, Brussels, Belgium 

A rough sketch of Carlos Hector Flomenbaum who robbed the ABN Amro Bank Image source
A rough sketch of Carlos Hector Flomenbaum who robbed the ABN Amro Bank
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 We all love chocolates and easily give in to the temptation even if we are on a diet. Many a times we get our work done by offering chocolates but this clever man broke all the records. For one year, a man called Carlos Hector Flomenbaum pretended to be a bank customer. He charmed the bank's staff by offering chocolates and other candies. With his sweet talks, he managed to acquire the keys of the vault. He stole diamonds worth Rs 186 crore or $28 million. What makes the case even more scandalous is that the robber was never caught!

     2. Rs 467 crore Banco Central Robbery, Brazil 

Tunnel dug up by robbers Image source
Tunnel dug up by robbers
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Well, this is certainly the most elaborate robbery in history. The robbers posed as a company in landscape business and started digging near Banco Central Bank. They dug up a good 250 foot tunnel that opened up directly into the bank's vault. They not only dug up a tunnel taking all their time but also also installed an air conditioner to rob in a chilled environment! The tunnel took a total of 3 months but was the patience worth it? Well of course, of the $70 million stolen, the police has managed to only recover $9 million and has only managed to arrest a few suspects.

    3. Moving train robbery, Tamil Nadu, India

Image of the hole cut up by robbers for escaping Image source
Image of the hole cut up by robbers for escaping
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A moving train carrying 228 trunks filled with money and weighing 23 tonnes was looted off. They escaped by cutting off the roof of the coach booked by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for transferring money from Salem, Tamil Nadu. However, the RBI got to know about the loot when it reached Chennai. According to experts, the robbers used welding machines and steel cutters to cut up the roof and escaped with a sum of approximately Rs 342 crores!

   4. The British Bank of Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon- Rs 1400+ crore

Image source
Image source

In January 1976, the country was occupied by Lebanon police in a civil war. The Palestinian Liberation Organization and Lebanaon Christian Phalange broke into the bank through the  wall of a church. They managed to unlock the vaults with the help of locksmiths. The burgle lasted for a week and the robbers escaped with a sum of Rs 14000 crore valued presently ($210 million). After the burglary, the robbers planned to escape to Switzerland. But clever as they were, decided to sell of the valuables to the owners at a profit of $50-$100 taking advantage of the fact that how important they were for the owners.

   5. Northern Bank, Belfast, Ireland- Rs 333 crore

Image source
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The heist started a night before the actual robbery day. A couple of robbers disguised as local cops entered the home of two officials of Northern Bank. By gun-pointing them and their family, they forced them to speak up the access required to carry out the robbery. They managed to rob off the bank with a sum of Rs 330 crore ( $50 million). This forced the bank to recall bank notes worth 300 million pounds and issue new notes in different colors. Though some arrests were made, the mystery is not fully solved.

   6. Dar Es Salaam, Baghdad

The bank vault left open after robbery Image source
The bank vault left open after robbery
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It was one of the most secretive robberies. The country was undergoing a war and taking advantage of the situation, the security guards who stayed at the bank overnight stole money. They looted the bank with an amount of Rs 1881 crore( $282 million). People got to know about the heist only the next day when they saw the vaults unlocked and guards missing.

   7. Knightsbridge Security Deposit, Italy

Police checking the bank vault after robbery Image source
Police checking the bank vault after robbery
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In July 1827, Italy witnessed one of the biggest robberies. Famous criminal Valerio Viccei robbed the bank off $200 million (Rs 1334 crore) containing cash, jewellery etc. The bank was a clever choice as many rich people at that time deposited their cash and valuables in the bank. The robbery was carried out in the most typical way. The robbers entered through the front door with arms. They forced the manager and other staff into submission. Viccei ordered his men not to leave a single penny. He would have easily escaped if he had not returned to pick up his precious Ferrari that was parked at his house.  He was caught when he went back to pick it up.

   8. Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad

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  Image source

With nearly a billion dollars robbed, this has to be the biggest robbery in the history of mankind. The robbery started off on 18th March, 2003 a day before the US aggressively bombed Iraq. About a billion dollars were stolen from the Central Bank of Iraq in a number of robberies by Saddam Hussein. Saddam order his Qusay to withdraw boxes containing $100 notes as security money. Within 5 hours, more than Rs 66,000 crore was loaded into trucks. Well, it wasn't basically a bank robbery since Saddam Hussein was involved and was in power but it was people's money. No one knows where the money has been hidden.

  9. Bank on Sutter Street, San Franciso, U.S.A

Image source
Image source

Forget the amount which was looted off as it was so tiny that it need not be recorded in the accounts. But you have to consider the cleverness of the robber in this case. A man dressed as Santa Claus actually robbed a bank in 2014. Like most of the robberies the man stood at the cash counter, slipped a note and showed off the weapon to the cashier. However, his escape was simply legendary! He ran towards a street with that costume where a huge number of Santa Clauses were  gathered. And with a blink of an eye, he discovered into the pool of Santa Clauses.

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