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It’s a rat infested jail for The Brazilian Billionaire


It’s a rat infested jail for The Brazilian Billionaire

It’s a rat infested jail for The Brazilian Billionaire
Gericino Penitentiary complex in Bangu.
Image: Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg

Rio de Janiero, Brazil | Red Newswire | Dec 14, 2015 Last Updated at 02:47 PM IST.

The 47 year old Brazilian billionaire is still a billionaire, but is facing harsh conditions (collective squat toilet and smell of sewage!) – in Bangu penitentiary complex in Rio de Janeiro.  The country is accustomed to hearing about white collar offenders, however this caught a little more fire. Esteves is head of the largest construction conglomerate in brazil. brazil enjoyed some time as largest developing economy, second to china before corporate leaders went to jail, plunging entire nation into deep recession.

Esteves is being represented by his lawyer Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro. He said, “People usually hate bankers,” and that he is confident of his client. He further added, “He has a very steady character. but of course no one wakes up normal at Bangu 8 if one is innocent.”

The arrest of Esteves came on 25th November a part of Operation carwash – a corruption probe operation. A number of builders have been involved in this including oil giant Petrobras. Under the alleged scheme, the prices for construction projects were inflated and the money was taken away by the companies. Around 110 arrests have been made so far, that includes Senator Delcidio do Amaral.

Bangu penitentiary has been seen is many Brazilian movies like “Tropa de Elite”. Here there is a separate unit reserved for educated inmates. Esteves has been held up here. Men locked in here aren’t allowed to shave their heads, but Esteves did head-shaving a few days ago. All items brought into Bangu are thoroughly inspected, be it organs, strawberries, toothpaste or cake.

Roberto Duarte, a beverage seller commented, “He deserves it. Rich people have the power in this country. Don’t you think he has air-conditioning in there?”

Paulo Machado, a fellow-worker of Duarte said, “I wouldn’t say Brazil is changing, but showing a new face. Rich people are going to jail now, and before that wouldn’t happen.”

Source: Bloomberg

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